Customer Details
​View upcoming appointments as well as an appointment history for each customer. You can also edit the details of your customer at any time.
Customer List
​Browse or search for any of your customers. Now will never lose that email address again!
Browse Your Order History
​Browse recent orders or search for orders by date.
Schedule Services
​Set up the various services you want to offer on your schedule. You can different services on different schedules to reflect the different offerings of each of your employees. Each service has its own description, pricing, duration and options.
Schedule Availability
​Set up your weekly recurring schedule by simply clicking a time period. This availability will persist throughout every week.
Schedule Settings
​As the details of your business change, let your schedule change with you. You can update the name, address, and other details of your schedule at any time.
Schedule: Month View
​See all of your appointments for a month at a glance.
Schedule: Day View
​View all of your appointments for a given day in a simple layout that allows you to easily see when you need to show up to work. Clicking on an appointment allows you to view and edit the details. Clicking on any other time allows you to create a new appointment.
Create a New Appointment
​Creating an appointment is as simple as clicking on an available slot and filling in the appointment and customer information. You never have to re-enter customer information for past customers. Notes and appointment reminders are optional.

Learn what you can do in Brownbookit

A Dashboard for Your Schedules
View upcoming appointments and recently scheduled appointments for all your schedules.

Session Rates

Individual Photography Sessions   |     $200

Group/Family Photography Sessions    |     $400

Family Photography Slideshows    |     $100


Contact Information

Editorial Contact

Order Details and Invoicing
​View order details for each order that comes in. The order summary will tell you whether it has been paid or not. You can print this order or send an email invoice that allows your customer to pay online.