Using brownbookit you have more control and flexibility than you think.

Tim Brown- Founder of brownbookit and T. Brown Photography

Kirk Russell- partner in brownbookit and owner of 3 LENSES MARKETING & DESIGN. After working with Tim for many years in marketing his full-time photography business, I was honored to become a partner in brownbookit. I'm now applying my experience to help our members use brownbookit as a powerful marketing and customer service tool.

We do this by offering my new FREE Boost Library, and providing a growing number of FREE marketing and presentation materials to our members.

Brownbookit believes you should run your business in a way that makes sense for you, regardless of what others do or say. We're here to help you to do it your way!

"Hell, there are no rules here — we're trying to accomplish something." 

-Thomas Edison

Brownbookit was founded and developed by a photographer for photographers, and remains the best choice if you're just starting out, and also if you're well established.

We believe you should be able to control how you run your business 

and the level of service and convenience you offer to clients. 

It's in your hand,  on your desktop, or accessible to your clients.

You decide. It's your brownbookit- control the way you want it.