"I searched online for several different options for online scheduling. Once I found brownbookit I was sold!  Immediately, it was so easy to use and you didn't have to watch videos to figure anything out.  If I did have a question, that was answered almost immediately via emails.  Allowing me to fix or figure out what "I" was doing wrong because they truly have made the software very easy to understand.

Choosing a way for clients to go online and view when I am 

available (or not) and even find out more about my sessions has been the best thing for my studio.  It frees up time allowing me to do what I love and that is to take pictures. Once, I started using brownbookit my phone is always notifying me of new appointments.  I've seen my clients and new clients love to be able to get information about my studio at their convenience rather than waiting for me to answer and book their sessions. 

I also love being able to offer to my clients discounts, coupon codes, referral programs to show my appreciation for them sharing my studio with their family and friends.

I'm taking advantage of the helpful links and marketing materials that they offer to their members. I highly recommend brownbookit to any photographers that want to lighten the work load, do what they love and increase their business flow.  I have to say as a photographer for over 20 years, a mom of six almost all grown children, wife, "Gigi" to three grand babies, and a full time studio owner I LOVE brownbookit!"

Christy Buchanan Bella Rose Garden & Studio

Clients love the text and e-mail reminders about their upcoming appointments. I love that I can customize the storefront calendar with my brand and all the messages they receive. 

It is hard to pick my favorite feature of brownbookit but one would have to be that it syncs with my g-mail calendar! I only have to keep track of one calendar.  The appointment even shows with the type of session, clients name and phone number.  Another favorite feature is that clients pay their session fee when they book their appointment.  Brownbookit makes it so easy!

I have been shooting full time in Austin Texas for almost five years specializing in families and seniors.  Every year I am so thankful and feel truly blessed to have such wonderful clients who continually refer me to their friends and family.  Finding a happy balance between a full-time business and my own family can be difficult at times.  As my own babies grow and more activities are added to the family schedule, I appreciate brownbookit more and more.

It is definitely hard to keep the kids soccer, band, and school schedules straight. Brownbookit has made it easy for me to take several things off my plate and to be able to focus on my family.  I would highly recommend Brownbookit to other photographers who want to make life a little easier on clients and themselves."

Bridgette Bloomquist

"Brownbookit might be the next best thing to having a clone!  It has made scheduling my clients a breeze.  I can set my calendar with a few clicks of the mouse, send out my newsletter blast stating that my calendar is up and watch appointments flow in.  

My clients are super busy and so am I! Allowing people to book their own appointment as been a lifesaver - no more back and forth emails or phone tag.  

"So, I am really happy I had a chance to chat with Kirk a few weeks ago where he suggested I utilize your service for all my scheduling needs.I have a few special event schedules, but then a main studio schedule where I have added options for folks to choose from such as scheduling a studio visit, dif. types of sessions, ordering appointments, etc.  It will take some time to train in clients, but it's proving to be quite handy.  I figured out that I can schedule out my own blocked time on any given day, without having to change the availability.Thank you!"

-Stacey Knoebel

Knoebel Portrait Design

time to schedule, make confirmation phone calls and try to handle business from the road. 

With brownbookit we can enter appointments, look up clients, and do business from anywhere we can get an internet connection. Now, we can automatically send an appointment confirmation to our clients and a reminder when we want to, without having to do it ourselves. Brownbookit schedules it for us and every morning we get an email reminding us of all of our appointments for the next ten days. 

And the best thing is brownbookit never takes a vacation, needs no health insurance from us and works for a lot less than our last receptionist!"

-Bert & Cindy Behnke

Behnke Fine Portraiture

brownbookit was created by a photographer, for photographers who see the growing trend of people who want to make their own appointments online.

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"As a second-generation studio that was established in 1956, sometimes we get used to doing things the same old way. We wondered why we would need to give up our DayMinder appointment book and schedule our appointments using online services.

Then we tried the demo version of brownbookit, boy were we pleasantly surprised. Within two days, we had committed to switching our scheduling over to brownbookit.We are a small portrait studio and one of the hardest things to do is take the